Mated bitches

Kennel Old Blair's Golden

Date of mating   09 08 2019
Sire   Gleen Mhor's Sidney
Health data   hips: AA, elbows: 00, eyes: 17.10.2018 (ECVO)
Genetest results   prcd-PRA carrier, Pra 1 free ,Pra 2 Free, ICT Free, NCL5 Free
Working results   1price cold game
Sire at k9data   Sidney at k9data
Dam   Gleen Mhor's Triss
Health data   hips: AA, elbows: 00, eyes: 10.10.2018 clear (ECVO)
Genetest results   prcd-PRA Free, Pra 1 Free, Pra 2 Free, bay parens
Working results   1 price cold games DJU Passed, WT Passed 3 price NKL Sweden
Dam at k9data   Triss at k9data
Name   Karl Brode Poulsen
Address   jægersmindevej, 34
Phone   + 4525791619
Email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.