Stud dogs

Nette´s Golden Tal Akiro

DOB   11 05 2011
Health data   Hüften = A2 (right = A2, left = A2); elbows free, RD: free, PRA: frei, HC: free
Genetest results   OCD shoulder: free, Ichthyose-PCR: N/N, prcd-PRA free, GR PRA1 N/N, GR PRA 2: fre
Working results   BHP A, KNJV B-Diplom, Dummy A, workingtest A
Name   Sylvia Sennert-Piras
Address   Beim Gansacker 69, 47259 Duisburg, Germany
Phone   +49 (0)203 7579815
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Website / k9data and Akiro at k9data